With a 425 year history, and through many a dynasty’s uprising and downfall, Hyderabad has seen so much over the centuries. The testament to its glorious past lies everywhere you look, from the imposing forts to quaint tea stalls scattered all over the city. From biryani to laad bangles, from Urdu infused Telugu to pearls, from the old city to the IT hub, nobody does it quite like the Hyderabadis.

From acing the old world charm, Hyderabad is now briskly striding towards being the Entrepreneurship Capital of India. And if that isn’t enough, the city is now home to global giants like Amazon, Google, Apple and Uber who now have their second largest offices in the world here. The already illustrious landscape now boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure that houses tech parks, corporate headquarters and a booming startup ecosystem.

Rapidly growing into a force to be reckoned with, not just in India but now around the world, it is no surprise that this city is one of the top five cities that contribute towards the country’s GDP. But what makes the city truly special are its people and their heartwarming attitude towards guests and life in general.



Established in 1591, the city of Hyderabad has a rich 425 year heritage steeped in QutbShahi, Mughalai, Nizam and Telugu cultures. Experience this extraordinary blend of ethnologies and the unique character of this ancient city first hand with our Historic Tour. From Charminar to Golkonda, from the QutbShahi tombs to the ChowmahallaPalace, soak in the profound legacy that is Bhagyanagar.

The Party On Your Palate

This city is a total foodie’s paradise. The Hyderabadi biryani is legendary and city’s iconic haleem, famous all over the world, has been granted the Geographical Indication status. Paya, dalcha, mirchikisalan, qubanikameetha, shahitukda, sheer kurma, faluda, irani chai, osmania can never get enough! On our carefully curated culinary tour, treat your tastebuds to the exhaustive taste overload that is the Hyderabadi cuisine.

Arts & Crafts

Welcome to the city of pearls! Your visit to the city is incomplete without a trip to the ancient streets off of Charminar- the legendary Laad Bazaar, the breathtaking Begum Bazaar or the stunning Sultan Bazaar. From the opulence of Zari and Zardosi work and to the painstakingly painted Kalamkari textiles, there is nothing you wouldn’t find in this city. Or head over to Shilparamam, the one stop shop for all regional artefacts and handicrafts set in an ethnic, rural setting.

The It Powerhouse

In the last few years, Hyderabad has slowly transformed into an economic powerhouse. With Google, Amazon, Apple, Flipkart, Uber, Ikea, and Boeing joining the ranks of Facebook and Microsoft, most of the world’s top technology companies now have a significant presence in the city, propelling it to the top of the game. Additionally, Hyderabad is also home to the the country’s largest incubation centre T-Hub, which is expected to house close to 400 start-ups. *Come on a business tour with us, to these illustrious offices and warehouses!

*Some of the country’s most famed institutes like IIIT-Hyderabad, ISB and NALSAR University of Law tower over the city’s educational landscape.

Hyderabad tends to every end of the spectrum. If you don’t find the tour that quite suits your needs, don’t worry! We tailor-make packages to suit all your needs and wishes. The city of Nizams guarantees you a fabulous time. Experience the city, AsliHyderabadi style!

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