1. REGISTER Form and the full payment are required to complete the registration process.
      2. Event Program content and the event venue can be subjected to change without notice and will not impact the Terms & Conditions.
      3. Submission of signed Registration Form and payment acknowledges that you have read and understood all terms and conditions of this REGISTER including without limitations, the provisions relating to cancellation and to payment terms.
      4. Cancellation / Refund Policy: No refund in any circumstances.
      5. Proof of Payment must be sent along with the registration form. Please scan the duly filled registration form alongwith the payment details and send it to
      6. For online payment the UTI No. (Unique Transaction Number) MUST be mentioned.
      7. Ethical practice should be maintained at all time during the convention
      8. Mis-conduct during the convention will lead to strict action by the committee
      9. Permission to restricted areas will not be allowed, subject to written permission from authorised person of the committee only.